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Lowes Foods Cart to Class Program
Posted On:
Sunday, November 09, 2014


REWARD YOUR SCHOOL, WHILE REWARDING YOURSELF. With Cart to Class, Lowes Foods will give up to a quarter of a million dollars to local schools this year. To participate, enroll up to 3 local schools on your Fresh Rewards card, then each school will be rewarded based on the amount of Lowes Foods Private Brand items you purchase. 

Click on the Lowes Foods icon on the right of the webpage and then select "Enroll in Cart to Class"

ELIGIBLE SCHOOLS Any elementary, middle, junior high school or high school, public or private is eligible to receive donations.

PAYMENT INFORMATION Three times a year, Lowes Foods will send a check for the amount that each school has earned through the Cart to Class program.  A school must earn a minimum of $25 for a check to be issued.  Any amount under $25 will roll into the next program period.  All earnings will be sent with the final payment in July.
For more information or if you have any questions, email

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